Moar pvps tonight!!!
I'm down
Tonight we hunt the werewolf guild!!!
PvP tonight!!!
Weaving is fine for me friend
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Now that Destiny is making itself known in the PC world with the release of Destiny 2 coming later this Summer. I wanted to be the first to let everyone know I will be leading our guild into the the Crusible, Strikes, and Raids of this great game series. If you any have questions about the game please reach out to me PrinceDuKen via GameVOX or on our Webpage here. 

Thank You, PrinceDuKen

-4v4v4 battlegrounds

-New warden class

-new Trial and dungeons 

-actual ESO expansion.

Syeekco a "Drip drip drip...."
Thelon a I'm still wet

Elderblade vs Werewolves

Thelon a posted Dec 30, 16

Hope you guys enjoy this clip of our battle with the Werewolves!

RiskieStarr This is awesome! Way to go guys!!
Dat Dude Rim Freaking awesome!! I miss this stuff and you guys! Keep kickin ass and taking names!!!

Here's the vid of us downing the first boss in vMOL!

xcherry_poppinzx NJ everybody!
keto3000 True Grit. Gratz all!
Syeekco a This is how we do!

Elderblade Burns the Warrior

Thelon a posted Apr 14, 16

Check out this vid of our Warrior burn!

SkruDe That's awesome Thelon. Thanks for posting. I loved the first song, fit the video well I thought. Second song, th...
Reminder of event Witches Festival now in progress
Get spooked and enjoy double XP!!!
Reminder of event Late Night PvP on 2017-10-20 10:30:00 pm
Late night shenanigans!!!
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